Montenegro Ode to Life

Art Festival


"The Modern Shakespeare..." - Ahmet Erman Karagoz Cypriot Artist - Royal Palace Performance - Montenegro 17th Sept 2018

"Amazing performance..the new pinnnicle...." - Daria Babich Artist Ukraine -Royal Palace - Montenegro

"Numero uno actor !" - Jose Viasgranados Performance artist Barcelona - Royal Place - Montenegro

"Great sensitivity..." Simone Noseda Artist Verona, Itlay - Royal Palace - Montenegro

"A great performance..." - Irfan Hozo Master artist Bosnia & Herzegovina- Royal Palace- Montenegro

"The performance had a great impact upon me..." - Milos Miki Popvic Artist Serbia/ Montenegro - Royal Palace- Montenegro

"Your performance was perfect this evening..." Italian Ambassador 432 HZ Trio Milano performance-KIC Budo Tomovic Podgorica 22nd Sept 2018

"Very strong show.. glad you came!" - DaMir Murseljevic Photographer, artist, DJ Montenegro - Royal Palace Montenegro


" You could be great film actor too..great performance.." - Mehriban Efendi Artist, Cinematography, Costume design - Azerbaijan - Royal Palace Montenegro


"Perfect performance..." - D Srimali Chandrasena Artist, Sculpture, Design - Sri Lanka - Royal Palce Montenegro


" We LOVE you, thank you..." - Valerie Braud Sculpture Paris, France - Royal Palace Montenegro


"Perfect performance.." - Faten Khalil Artist Lebanon - Royal Palace Montenegro - KIC Budo Tomovic Podgorica


"Wonderful performance !" - Batul Bayik Kurt Potter Sculpture Turkey - Royal Palace Montenegro


Royal Palace Podgorica , Montenegro 17th Sept 2018 - Image DaMir Murseljevic Copyright 2018

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Excerpts from Pope Head with 432 HZ Trio Milano - KIC Budo Tomovic Podgorica, Montenegro 22nd Sept 2018


"Your performance was perfect this evening." - Italian Ambassador, Montenegro


"It was an incredible experience even for me." - Cristiana Vianelli - Violin - 432 HZ Trio Milano


"We are very pleased with the performance, thank you." - Riccardo Rijoff - Piano


"Wonderful!" - Livia Rotondi - Cello



"An incredible collaberation with world class musicians, a privillige indeed." - Garry Roost - Actor, writer, international theatre maker



REVIEW: " A powerful and compelling attraction of Warhol." - Dan Online Z.T.  Montenegro 2019 ****



Pope Head: Ode To Life Art Festival 2018   -   Warhol: Bullet Karma: Ode To Life Art Festival 2019


Budo Tomovic Images Garry Roost copyright 2018